BuildAX Documentation

The BuildAX family of wireless environmental monitoring devices comprises of sensors, actuators and a logger/router made available under an open license. The devices were developed within a joint research project undertaken by Newcastle University's Digital Interaction Group and Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research and the University of Strathclyde’s Energy Systems Research Unit.

The devices can be rapidly deployed to enable low cost built environment monitoring, and are fully compatible with the Open Source EnTrak™ system as a means to deploy ‘eServices’ for systems conditions monitoring, occupant feedback, performance certification and the like.


BuildAX resources and downloads are available in the OpenMovement Git repo (click here), including firmware and utilities.

APIs to be documented

  • UDP connection
  • Actuators / Power Switches

For our other other projects, please visit the Open Movement GitHub.


Thanks also to Jon Hand at ESRU (University of Strathclyde) for feedback, usability testing, and bug reports.