Welcome to the website of the Design patterns, principles, and strategies for Sustainable HCI workshop, a CHI 2016 (May 7-12 2016) workshop to take place in San Jose, USA.

This workshop will bring together researchers in the Sustainable HCI field to reflect on sustainability challenges in HCI and collaboratively collate and develop a set of strategies and patterns for SHCI research and design that will serve as an evolving platform for practice, critique, and evaluation. SHCI has covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, and, while we have learned much about the impacts of everyday life and technologies, and about limitations of narrow framings of resource use and everyday life in intervention design, we lack a cohesive set of principles or patterns for thinking about and designing for sustainability in HCI. In this 2-day workshop, we will bring together researchers and practitioners to propose what such patterns might be in light of the sustainability challenges we are facing.

Please direct queries and submissions to Adrian Clear (adrian dot clear at newcastle dot ac dot uk)