Call for participation

This workshop will bring together researchers in the Sustainable HCI field to reflect on sustainability challenges in HCI and collaboratively collate and develop a set of strategies and patterns for SHCI research and design that will serve as an evolving platform for practice, critique, and evaluation. SHCI has covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, and, while we have learned much about the impacts of everyday life and technologies, and about limitations of narrow framings of resource use and everyday life in intervention design, we lack a cohesive set of principles or patterns for thinking about and designing for sustainability in HCI. In this 2-day workshop, we will bring together researchers and practitioners to propose what such patterns might be in light of the sustainability challenges we are facing.

In particular, the workshop will focus on the following questions:

(1) What concrete strategies can we define for operationalizing the acknowledged “next steps for sustainable HCI” (Silberman et al. 2014, Interactions)?

(2) What can we learn from existing patterns in sustainable HCI, or from work in HCI that may be reframed in terms of patterns?

(3) How do patterns relate to the operationalizing of sustainability goals?

(4) How can we effectively evaluate, critique and evolve sustainable HCI patterns?

(5) What new patterns can we propose from what we have learned so far to operationalize “next steps” and tackle the range of sustainability challenges we are facing?

We aim to produce a collective position statement that addresses these questions, and to develop a number of collaborative working papers in the workshop based on the themes and interests that emerge.

We invite 2-4 page submissions in CHI ACM Extended Abstract Format. Submissions will be selected that offer original, well-argued and insightful contributions with potential to generate interesting discussion at the workshop. Relevant topics include but are not limited to the following:

* Proposals of proto-patterns to be developed into more concrete patterns at the workshop

* Proposals of known, existing patterns from other domains that may be usefully applied to SHCI

* Strategies for SCHI to operationalize Silberman et al’s “Next steps for sustainable HCI.”

* Accounts of applying patterns to sustainability design challenges, including reflections on the process, and applications of existing patterns to new challenges

* Outlines of sustainability design challenges that are ripe for pattern and systems-level thinking, e.g. obsolescence

* Critiques, including perceived challenges, in creating a pattern language for SHCI

* Assessments of the utility of using a framework like pattern languages to advance the discourse on sustainability in HCI, and proposals for alternative frames.

* Exemplars/Cases of sustainability related research and/or practice that may not be related to patterns but which do advance sustainability in HCI.

Please direct queries and submissions to Adrian Clear ( Further information is available on our website:

At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop, and all participants must register for the workshop and at least one day of the ACM CHI 2016 conference.

Important dates:

* Early submission deadline: December 11, 2015

* Early notification: December 21, 2015

* Normal submission deadline: January 10, 2016

* Normal notification: January 15, 2016

* Final camera-ready deadline: February 12, 2016

* Workshop: May 7—8, 2016 (2 day)